The Kirtland Chronicle was founded in January, 2017 by Mr. Termini's 7th hour Journalism class. The goal of the Kirtland Chronicle is to cover news, events, and other topics of interest from a KCHS student's perspective, as well as to inform and entertain our community.

Get to know a little about our staff here at the Kirtland Chronicle!

Layland J.

"My name is Layland and I’m a 10th grader. I have only been in Journalism for a semester and a half. I have joined track and so far I have accomplished being on A, B honor roll. My hobbies are choir and watching Netflix."

Chuntay H.

"I am a fourth year student at KCHS and a third year in Journalism. I’m in concert band and cheerleading. I like to play piano and marimba. I hope one day to produce swankii beats and create jazz-worthy scores for the media. I’ve been drum major for three consecutive years and forged a portfolio of both electronic and written music. I run a blog that features artwork and cinematography featuring the LGBTQ+ community."

Greg L.

"Hi, I’m Greg, a 3rd year at KCHS, but this is my 1st year in Journalism. I’m bad at sports, but I’m in choir and Spanish club. I deal in dank memes and KNOWLEDGE (I tutor online). I take dual credit classes, so I’m always busy- but it’s a good time. My hobbies are classified; if you want to know more, get in touch with my personal agent, Zaiya (his people will contact your people)."

Shania S.

"I am a senior; this year is my first year in Journalism. I’m not in any sports or clubs. I’ve accomplished too many things, just trying to graduate."

Talijah C.

"I am a junior. I am in my second year of yearbook. My hobbies include reading, tasting different types of coffee and eating large amounts of Mac & Cheese. I also love dogs."

Gabrielle L.

"I am a sophomore with high aspirations and have been in Journalism for less than a year. I am in robotics club and love to read and write; I am currently working on several stories. Further hobbies and accomplishments include academic excellence, solving puzzles, hanging out with family, choir, etc."


Brittany W.

"My name is Brittany W. I am finishing my last year at KCHS with my first year in journalism. I ran for KCXC and I’m also currently throwing for KC track. My favorite hobby is to eat pizza and watch hockey. The rest? I’m still trying to figure that out…"

S.R. Lewis

"I am a junior at KCHS. This is my second year in the journalism program. Besides that, I am a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Club, LEAP (Environmental Club), and the head editor of the yearbook program. Outside of school, I hold a state title for archery and a first and third place finish at the Heard Art Museum Guild for photography. Other than that, I manage the wrestling and baseball team, write stories, and I absolutely love watching baseball. Go Yankees!"

Jade S.

"Hey homie, my name is Jade Selestewa. I’m a junior, I’ve spent two years in journalism. The sport I’m in is softball, played for years and still going strong."

Monique H.

"I am a Junior. This is my first year taking Journalism. I am also part of the yearbook staff. I love to run and love alternative music. I am interested in criminal justice."

Avery B.

"My name is Avery and I’m a sophomore. I’ve been in Journalism for about three quarters or a semester and a half. I participate in two sports and have never done any clubs. I have many accomplishments but can’t remember them. My hobbies are sleeping, playing games, and being silent. Most of the time…"

Tia N.

"My name is Tia and I’m a sophomore at KCHS. This is my first year in Journalism. I play 2 sports and I have the personality of a stale potato chip. One of my best accomplishments is finishing a whole season of American Horror Story in less than 2 days on Netflix. My hobbies include watching YouTube and Netflix, and drinking a lot of coffee."