First Film Festival Ever!

Isaah Slowtalker  April 27, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action! Kirtland Central’s first Video Production Awards show will be held April 28th at 7 P.M at the BIPAC. This school event will be hosted by Vince Termini, the Video Production, Journalism, and Gifted Education teacher. The Video Production will premiere various videos produced by the Video Production classes for free!


The Video Production Awards will be the Oscar’s of Kirtland Central High! Some of you might be wondering what exactly is the Video Production Awards? Mr. Termini said, “the awards show is something I wanted to do my first year but the program wasn't quite there yet. This year I really wanted to make it happen as a way to honor and celebrate my students, who have done such impressive work.” Exactly like the Oscar’s but without Jennifer Lawrence and other amazing actors, we will be awarding our very own amazing actors, directors and video editors from this school.


This event is not only celebrating the students in Video Production, “it's also a chance for the community to get to see what they do in video production class.” as Termini put it. Termini also said this event is an opportunity for the KCHS community to gather and build on our culture and school spirit. This is a great event, one that celebrates our hilarious video production crew, but our school as well.


So, what kind of videos will be shown? Termini stated, “The videos all come from my three video production classes.” Awards will be given in seven different categories based on projects the students did this year, as well as some individual awards for acting, directing and video editing. “Just like the Oscars, but without the politics and the awkward monologue,” Termini said. I hope to see you all there, this is one of the many cool ideas and events that will happen this year. Also, don’t forget, “It's free as heck!”


Spanish Club Celebrates St. Patrick's Day at KCHS

Gabrielle Lee   March 29, 2017

Spanish club held a St. Patrick’s Day event on Friday, March 17th in the commons. Recently, put up posters to inform people of the event. They sold various goods, such as root beer floats, cupcakes and clover cakes (which were buy three, get a fourth free). They also be sold green ribbons to protect students from pinches. President Laci Begay states, “We will be doing this every month with holidays in different cultures. Really, this is just a slice of the pie.”


The purpose of these events is to introduce people to different cultures, so Spanish Club will be typing up a history of St. Patrick’s day and passing it out, to teach students the truth about it. “Everyone’s opinion is on an equal level. It’s not like, because I’m the president, we just do what I think. If anyone has an idea, we take the majority opinion on it. With this project, someone had an idea, we worked on it and it kind of just cultivated itself into this huge thing we’ve been organizing for weeks,” says Begay.


Lately membership has skyrocketed in Spanish Club, which is actually a multicultural club. “I don’t know why it’s called Spanish Club,” Begay admits. They are working on fundraising for trips right now, and because of their spike in membership, they need all the money they can get. The money from their sales during these events will be put towards their trips.

JROTC Changes Uniforms for Military Ball

Talijah Carlo   Mar. 5, 2017

Military Ball was a night to remember. It’s a night where members of the JROTC get to dress up and have fun with their friends or their date, dancing and laughing the night away. I’m sure many of them have made many memories, which I’m sure they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


Every year the Military Ball is held at the Elks Lodge in Farmington, New Mexico. Each year it is decorated beautifully to obtain a sophisticated, elegant environment. This year the venue was decorated with twinkling lights and white drapes that hung above the dancefloor. Students that attended were provided a meal and got to drink apple cider.


Students got to dance and pose for pictures at a photo booth area. I asked Junior, Samaira Bluehouse, how her Military Ball experience was, and here’s what she had to say, “My experience was great, I loved how everything was done. I loved the food, loved the set up and I definitely loved how the Elks Lodge was decorated. So, I guess you could say it was a memorable experience.”

KCHS Students Show Their School Spirit at Winter Pep-Rally

Layland Joe   Mar. 5, 2017

For a while, the sophomore members of Student Council have been planning a pep rally for the winter sports, such as basketball and wrestling. It was quite an up and down roller coaster planning what to do and how to do it, but it was accomplished.


Right after winter break the Sophomores of the Student Council were assigned to plan the next pep rally for winter sports. They didn’t know what to do and how to do it, so they got a few pointers from the upper classmen, and soon after went straight to work.


They wanted this pep rally to be a little different from the previous pep rallies from before, so they scheduled a basketball game for the teachers and whoever would win that will play students from each class. “It was funny to see teachers do something else then teaching “says a student at KCHS.


After the pep rally was over, the Juniors came out on top with the spirit stick, showing the other grades who had the most school spirit. The sophomores who helped plan the Prep Rally  got really good feedback, but one tip that stood out more was if they could have music playing during the games, also when the athletes were walking to the court to add more excitement.